GTA Weekly Update is LIVE | 27th August 2020 | New tracks and bonuses

gta 27th august update

The latest GTA weekly update is now live and as a result, we (finally) move away from the recent Yacht theme. This week there are lots of discounts on offer for CEO Offices, Clubhouses and MC Businesses. And that’s on top of the bonuses for VIP/MC Work. It’s good to see some offers back that most players will enjoy and benefit from.

Open Wheel Races3x
MC Work2x
VIP Work2x
The unpopular Open Wheel Races are back, while VIP and MC work bonus will be welcomed by the community.

Fans of VIP work like Headhunter and Sightseer will be glad to see these new bonuses (easy money!).

Discounted Vehicles

R88$3,115,000$2,024,750Legendary Motorsport
Drift Yosemite$1,308,000/$981,000$588,600/$784,800Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Hotring Sabre$830,000$498,000Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Drift Tampa$995,000$597,000Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Swinger$909,000$454,500Legendary Motorsport
190Z$900,000$450,000Legendary Motorsport
Lampadati Viseris$875,000$437,500Legendary Motorsport
Savestra$990,000$495,000Legendary Motorsport
Rapid GT Classic$885,000$442,500Legendary Motorsport
Infernus Classic$915,000$457,500Legendary Motorsport
Mamba$995,000$497,500Legendary Motorsport
Stirling GT$975,000$487,500Legendary Motorsport
Z Type$950,000$475,000Legendary Motorsport
New cars on discount this week, as well as cars like the Z Type that continue to be discounted from the week before.

Discounted Property

CEO Offices40%
CEO Office Customisations40%
MC Businesses40%
Office customization is 40% off this week.

Weekly Time Trials

RC Bandito: Little Seoul Park1minute and 10seconds
Elysian Island 21minute and 50seconds

Twitch Prime Benefits

Avenger70% off
Avenger Weapons and Weaponized Vehicle Workshop75% off
Vespucci Canals NightclubFREE

GTA Weekly Upsate – the Podium Car this week is the Progen PR4

The PR4 is normally GTA$3,515,000 (Legendary Motorsport), but this week you have a chance of getting it for free by spinning the Casino Wheel. This is ideal if you plan on capitalising on the 3x GTA$ & RP Bonus in Open Wheel Races!

The Progen PR4 is the podium car at the casino this week.