GTA Online’s Up-N-Atomizer: Overpriced gizmo or the ultimate anti-troll gun?


In this article, we take a closer look at the Up-N-Atomizer. The Up-N-Atomizer is a relatively new item in Grand Theft Auto Online, first introduced in 2018. However, it costs a whopping $GTA399,000.

The space age pistol shoots a powerful burst of energy. Therefore, the energy ray can push/throw players, vehicles and other items back with force. For instance, if a vehicle or yourself gets stuck in between two buildings, you can use the gun to force things out.

The video below has been making the rounds on Reddit recently. A player encounters a God Mode player. God Mode is a frowned upon modification that protects cheaters from being physically harmed in the game. Any other gun would have been useless in this instance. However, Shayanhurdboy uses the Up-N-Atomizer to great effect, clearly frustrating the modder.

CREDIT: Reddit user u/shayankurdboy

Up-N-Atomizer in Free mode

My favourite use for the gun is not in combat and usually in free mode. If a vehicle gets stuck in a weird spot, you can shoot it out. First, step out and walk a few feet away from the vehicle – the recoil is strong in this one! After that, just shoot the base of the vehicle. The force will throw the vehicle back and hopefully to a more manoeuvrable spot. This tactic has helped me in Cargo Sell missions quite a few times!

Heading off to sell your precious cargo, and this happens to the truck. Been there? The Up-N-Atomizer is an easy way out.

Reddit user SocialOfficer shows us how you can have a lot of fun with it with the dumber NPCs too. The gun has unlimited ammo and is the online one in the game to have that feature. However, there is a 2 second ‘recharge’ period after each shot.

CREDIT: Reddit user SocialOfficer

If you tried hard enough, you could kill a player with this after a few shots. However, if you manage a headshot, that has a chance of accomplishing an immediate kill.

In conclusion, Up-N-Atomizer is certainly an underutilised weapon we recommend including in your loadout.