Nightclub popularity and income in GTA Online

gta nightclub popularity

Nightclub popularity and income streams is a less discussed topic in the GTA community and often misunderstood. Since only fairly established players (Level 70+) can afford to buy one, and use it smartly.

You can get into the nightclub game with a million GTA dollars. The cheapest, located on Elysian Island, is GTA$1,080,000.

What’s the right time to buy a nightclub?

Too often, players make the mistake of buying a nightclub too early in their game. A nightclub costs about $10,000 each in-game day (including utilities and wages). So if you’re buying one, you need to know how to make it worth the investment. And definitely do not buy a nightclub before you are established in the game with a few decent vehicles and businesses. Once you are at that stage, there’s two parts to the strategy:

  1. Nightclub operations income. Every 48mins, you can earn up to GTA$10,000. The exact amount depends on the nightclub popularity. You can check the popularity level of the club once in the bottom right side of your screen when you are in your nightclub office. Your earnings are deposited in the nightclub’s cash safe (max. capacity GTA$70,000).
  2. Passive income through connected businesses. This is probably the most misunderstood area of money making in GTA Online. So we will be publishing a dedicated piece on this in the near future. You first start by hiring nightclub technicians (up to 5). Each of them are $141,000-$312,000, gradually getting more expensive as you hire more. These technicians’ work can be connected to your other businesses (all the MC Business types, Bunker, Cargo Warehouse/Hanger). The connected business doesn’t need to have stock at hand and technician will store new goods sourced from each business in your Nightclub Warehouse.

Nightclub Popularity

You are able to increase you nightclub’s popularity by doing missions assigned to you by Tony. These are random and includes:

  • Dropping flyers in 8 specific locations using a Buzzard.
  • Flying over 3 areas in a Blimp and playing music.
Nightclub popularity missions: The blimp is an easy mission. The livery on the Blimp varies depending on the player’s current Resident DJ.
  • Picking up a couple of C grade celebrities in a limo.
  • Pick up a celebrity (mission can involve losing the cops).
  • Retrieve a stolen supplies truck.
  • Collect a Pisswater liquor truck and drive it back to the nightclub with minimal damage.

You can also increase you nightclub popularity by hiring a new DJ (you have 4 choices). New DJs cost GTA$100,000 to book, and switching back to a previously used DJ costs GTA$10,000.

So basically, they key to have this income flowing is to have your popularity high (Tip: it’s fine to let it drop half a bar. But when one whole popularity bar is empty, that’s a good time to go do a mission to top up). As a rule of thumb, if you’re making $9k-$10k an hour, that’s good. Any less, it’s time to do a mission because that shortfall can add up over a day or two and be a significant difference).

The table below will break down the income you can earn at each popularity level.