Lost Santos Drug Wars DLC – Unlock the Acid Lab + New Vehicles

Los Santors Drug Wars DLC

The latest DLC has landed. The Lost Santos Drug Wars update gives us a new business and an array of new vehicles (drip-feed). Here’s the lowdown.

Unlocking the Feakshop Warehouse and Acid Lab

We haven’t had a new business (definitely not a good one!) in a very long time. The last good money-maker of a business was the nightclub. The Los Santos Drug Wars DLC changes that with the Acid Lab.

Unlike older businesses, this takes a bit of work to get started. The steps are below.

  • go to the new Ron mission (the “R” on the map up in Sandy Shores) and start the First Dose missions.
  • after completing the first mission, the Freakshop Warehouse will be unlocked for you. There will be a spot (usual yellow dot you get in missions) outside this location to start any of the other First Dose missions.
  • Complete all 6 of the First Dose missions (about 2 hours of gameplay).
  • And finally, bring supplies to your warehouse from any of the locations pictured below. All 3 will appear on your map after the First Dose missions are completed.
  • Picking up the supplies is easy, but will briefly test your forklift skills!
  • Pay the mechanic inside your warehouse to install the equipment. This costs GTA$750,000 or that’s free if you have a GTA+ membership. But at least you don’t have to pay millions to buy a property like the other businesses!

This business is a great moneymaker. A guide on best leveraging this business will be published soon.

New Vehicles

The update brings us the following 2 new vehicles in Legendary Motorsports:

  • Annis 300R
  • Overflod Entity MT

On the Southern San Andreas Super Autos website, these 3 new vehicles are available:

  • BF Surfer Custom
  • Zirconium Journey II
  • Declasse Tulip M-100

And (the highlight!!) Warstock brings 2 new vehicles to you, unlocked once you complete all 6 First Dose Missions

  • Brickade 6×6
  • Custom Maibatsu Manchez Scout (performance is the same, but looks different)

NOTE: This update is a drip-feed. So there are 11 other vehicles (pictured below) that haven’t been released yet).

All the upcoming drip-feed vehicles as part of the Los Santos Drug Wars update.