GTA Online: Dataminers discover a secret UFO mission in latest update

Secret UFO mission alert! After many years, a UFO has reappeared in game. This time, hidden away in the month-old Summer Special which brought players new cars and missions.

A reputed group of miners (The Game File Gurus) have dived into the game files and uncovered a huge new UFO sitting in the new update, along with a new green alien costume. The alien costume is not hidden and is unlocked after completing the Solomon Movie Props mission (see the step by step guide here). But the UFO and mission tied to it are hidden away deep in the code.

The new UFO looks just like the older versions we’ve seen in game, except it’s much bigger.

What’s the secret UFO mission about?

This mission is a secret Business Battle. Business Batttles involve moving supplies from A to B, usually with a confrontation with NPCs. You need to steal spaceship parts from Fort Zancudo, and deliver them to Omega. The Game File Gurus have put up this video of the mission as well.

Secret UFO Mission: The Game File Gurus have pointed out some of the code where the mission appears.

Note: This mission is not available for everyone yet.

Players first need to enter the military base. They then fight their way into an aircraft hanger, where the big new UFO is floating in. Players need to steal UFO parts lying around there and take them back to the UFO/alien fanatic, Omega.

secret alien ufo GTA
The biggest UFO ever seen in GTA.

To date, only the dataminers have played this mission. Rockstar has a long history of notoriously well hidden alien missions, so this will not be the last we see of the alien theme.