GTA Online: Solomon’s Movie Props | Locations

Since the latest Summer Update, finding Solomon’s Movie Props in the latest update has been giving players some trouble – this guide will help you find what you need to complete the mission.

Soloman Richards is a character you may be familiar with if you’ve played GTA 5’s Story Mode. If you have, you’ll also remember that he’s a big fan of celebrities and their memorabilia. Now in his first appearance in GTA Online, the 11th Aug 2020 update includes a Contact Mission to help him find some missing movie props. Basically, Solomon’s Move Props may have been stolen (according to the the text message he will first send you). He is ‘hesitant’ to call the cops for help so seeks your services.

What are the rewards for finding all of Solomon’s missing movie props?
1) the Space Interloper outfit (turns players that wear it into aliens!)

2) GTA$150,000 ($10,000 for each prop you collect and $50,000 once you collect all).

How to find the missing movie props

  • Head over to the “S” marker on the map to start the mission.
  • GOOD NEWS: 7 out of the 10 movie props have fixed locations.
  • The remaining 3 props can be found inside vans in different places (more on this below).
  • Once you pick a prop up, you have to take it back to Solomon (he’ll be at his office where the “S” marker was). Note: this can be done in Invite Only sessions too.
  • TIP: If you’re on Xbox, the controller will vibrate when you are closeby to a prop. Not tested in other consoles.
GTA Online: Solomon’s Movie Props – Locations.

Fixed Locations

  • Go inside the Vanilla Unicorn Strip Club. Look on the desk inside the back office.
  • Look on the porch of the house behind the Great Chaparral Clubhouse (the cheapest clubhouse if you need to look it up via Maze Bank Foreclosures).
  • EASIEST ONE: Turn left as you leave Solomon’s office. There’ll be a prop next to the bin.
  • Go to the Fort Zancudo control tower and enter the ground-floor office. TIP: Don’t go through the metal detector.
Solomon's Movie Props - Zancudo Control Tower
Fort Zancudo Control Tower – one of Solomon’s Movie Props is in the ground floor office.
  • Sandy Shores – go up the hill with the alien mural.
  • Mount Chiliad – make your way to the far end of the Altruist Camp.
  • Bathrooms of the Diamond Casino (east side – near the table games).
Solomon's Movie Props - Casino Bathroom
Walk into the Casino bathroom on the East of the Table Games.

Vehicle Spawn Locations

The three remaining props will show up as blue blips as you drive around the map. As pictured below:

Look out for the blip.

Once you reach them, you’ll find the missing props inside a van or truck. More specifically – look out for these vehicles in the respective areas below (some pictures of landmarks included):

  • Rebel Pickup:
    • Look in the alley behind The Hen House.
    • Great Ocean Highway – drive along and it will be on the east side.
    • Willie’s Supermarket parking lot.
The Hen House - GTA V Story Mode Properties Database - Grand Theft ...
The Hen House.
Great Ocean Highway.
Willie’s Supermarket on Paleto Boulevard (in Paleto Bay, Blaine County).
  • Pony Van
    • Kortz Center parking lot.
    • As you drive north along Tongva Drive.
    • East side of the Epsilon Center.
Kortz Center | GTA Wiki | Fandom
Kortz Center.
Go north on Tongva Drive.
Epsilon Program Headquarters | GTA Myths Wiki | Fandom
The Epsilon Building is a large mansion located in Rockford Hills, Los Santos.
  • Rumpo Van
    • On the west side as you drive over the San Andreas Avenue Bridge.
    • Parked outside of Lester’s clothes warehouse/factory (Darnell Bros).
    • Simmet Alley (Textile City).
San Andreas Avenue Bridge | GTA Wiki | Fandom
San Andreas Avenue Bridge.
on Popular Street in La Mesa, Los Santos.
North entrance
Simmet Alley (North entrance).