GTA 5: The Peyote plants and where to find them

The Peyote plants were a special new addition to the game a few months ago and very few players have used them to date. The plant can turn the player into different animals – this guide will show you how to find all of them.

The Peyote plants are scattered all over Lost Santos. Rockstar has always teased us with elements bordering on the supernatural and this is such an instance.

The plant is extremely hallucinogenic and will cause a pretty aggressive trip. The hallucinations will be coupled with the transformation into your new body. There’s no way to decide what you turn into, and you can literally turn into anything – a moose, a bird or even something aquatic. Basically one of the following categories:
– Aerial
– Aquatic
– Terrestrial
– Special

In total there are 76 Peyote plant locations and because they are so tiny you are quite unlikely to stumble across them.

Peyote plant location map was uploaded to the r/gtaonline subreddit by u/-Whitelines

Peyote plants – Special locations

The two blue dots in this map are special locations. These turn you into different kinds of creatures including Chop (Franklin’s dog) and the popular Bigfoot!

Bigfoot tip: To turn into Bigfoot you need to eat the Peyote plant to the northwest of Grapeseed between the in-game hours of 3:00AM and 8:00AM. The weather also needs to be foggy.

Every once in a while Rockstar throws in challenges/hunts like this (more recently, Solomon’s prop hunt) which are fun and rewarding. In this case, each plant you collect will give you 5000RP. So if you collect them all, that’s a whopping 380,000 RP!

Worth noting that each plant is a one off deal. If you want to go back to the same plant again, you first have to find them all. There are 28 possible transformations in total.