GTA 8th October Update | Up to triple payouts & garage discounts

The 8th October update is met with mixed reactions. Lots of GTA Online fans were expecting more, tied to the 7th anniversary and Halloween coming up. That wasn’t the case unfortunately, and this week’s update is not that different from the past few weeks.

The highlights are Triple & Double rewards in some game modes as well as extensive discounts across most garages.

Double and Triple Rewards

  • 2x rewards: Contact Missions
  • 3x rewards: Transform Races

Podium Car

You have a chance to win the Lampadati Tigon on the Casino Wheel this week.

Lampadati Tigon Appreciation & Discussion Thread - Vehicles - GTAForums
8th October Update: The Lampadati Tigon is on the Casino Podium this week.

Discounted Vehicles

Most fans are not confused and disappointed at the very limited range of new discounted vehicles in recent updates. This week is unfortunately not exciting either, with 4 new cars on discount (first 4 rows in the table below). All others are Sports Classics that have been repeated for many recent weeks.

JB 700W$1,470,000$1,029,000Warstock Cache & Carry
Blista Kanjo$580,000 / $435,000$261,000Southern SA Super Autos
Sugoi$1,224,000 / $918,000$550,800Southern SA Super Autos
Vagrant$2,214,000 / $1,660,500$1,162,350Southern SA Super Autos
Ocelot Swinger$909,000$454,500Legendary Motorsport
Karin 190z$900,000$450,000Legendary Motorsport
Lampadati Viseris$875,000$437,500Legendary Motorsport
Annis Savestra$990,000$495,000Legendary Motorsport
Rapid GT Classic$885,000$442,500Legendary Motorsport
Torero$998,000$499,000Legendary Motorsport
Infernus Classic$915,000$457,500Legendary Motorsport
Declasse Mamba$995,000$497,500Legendary Motorsport
Sterling GT$975,000$487,500Legendary Motorsport
Truffade Z Type$950,000$475,000Legendary Motorsport

Property & Weapon Discounts

  • Garages are 40% off (this includes Office, Penthouse and Nightclub garages).
  • High End Apartments 40% off
  • Laser Weapons 40% off (read our best loadout guide before buying!)

Time Trials

  • Mount Gordo, Par Time of 00:46.30
  • Construction Site I, Par Time of 01:50.00 (RC Bandito Time Trial)

8th October Update: Twitch Prime Benefits

  • FH-1 Hunter
  • P-45 Nokota

Free Content

  • Fruit Tee