Vehicle Proximity Mines: what they are, unlocking them and usage

Proximity Mine

Proximity Mines are not a well understood asset in the game, and very few players have them equipped (less than 5%). This guide will explain what they are and what you need to do to get them.

What are they?

These mines are not readily available to you. These steps need to be completed first:

  • Buy a Bunker
  • Carry out Research until Proximity Mines are unlocked

For many players, getting to this stage takes a while. Especially since the Research can take ages. But once you get those steps completed, you are able to install these mines in select vehicles.

Are they worth the $100,000 to install?

Given the pre-requisite investments and research time, Proximity Mines are an upgrade to explore once you are established in the game. This means, once you have a good weapon loadout and a decent flow of passive income. The Bunker Research in general should approached this way, since it can cost millions to complete all the Research, the order of which you can’t choose. It’s worth it for players in that position where you will anyway want to do Bunker Research to get your MK2 ammo, etc.

These mines do more damage as well. For example, it takes 8 handheld proximity mines to blow up the heavily armoured APC. But with the vehicle Proximity Mines, you only need 7.

What vehicles can have Proximity Mines?

The mines can be installed on any gunrunning vehicle. e.g. APC, Dune FAV & Weaponised Tampa.

Tip: if you are travelling slow (say under 50mph), and you release a proximity mine, you could end up blowing yourself up. This is because the mine will still go off because you are closeby to it. To avoid this, only release the mines when you are travelling at a decent speed.