New GTA map expansion confirmed by Rockstar. A new island is coming.

GTA new map of island

Rockstar has finally shared some more information about the upcoming summer update. This pretty much confirms that there will be a new GTA map expansion.

For the past few months all we had from from Rockstar was that a ‘brand new location’ is coming. The most recent leaks and teasers clearly indicate that the new GTA map expansion will come in the form of a whole new island.

Since yesterday’s update, players have found this corpse and briefcase at different locations on the map. You can find this on the west coast of the map. So that itself could be a hint too, that the new island is likely off the west coast. And this dead guy floated on to Los Santos from there.

Sharp fans have been capturing these details from the teaser video Rockstar shared this Thursday morning. These images confirm the brand new location to be an island.

What does the map look like?

The Rockstar video teasing the upcoming location.

Fans have been eagerly awaiting some new content in a mostly dry year for them. Despite hundreds of thousands of new players joining the game during the ongoing pandemic, Rockstar has barely added anything new since the Casino was opened up last year.

The winter update was trash, the Halloween update simply regurgitated content from past years and the weekly Sports Classics car discount that never seemed to change was becoming a joke on Reddit.

If you are one to bet, the good news is that this island and new content that comes with it in that update will surely impress. Well, it will have to. It has been glaringly obvious for the past 7 years that Rockstar did very little fan service despite GTA Online becoming the greatest cash cow of all time. But finally, there is competition around the corner with Cyberpunk 2077 and Everywhere in the works.

New GTA map expansion confirmed by Rockstar.