GTA 1st October Update | New Discounts, 2x Payouts & 7 year anniversary of GTA Online

CEO Office

The latest update has arrived with double bonuses for Business Battles, Diamond Adversary Modes and Special Vehicle Work. The GTA 1st October update brings some new property discounts as well. On the vehicle front, it’s (another!) disappointing week as Rockstar regurgitates the same Sports Classic discounts again, with a few exceptions.

Additionally, this week marks the 7th year anniversary for GTA Online!

Podium Vehicle

The Brawler can be won on the Casino Wheel this week.

Brawler | Grand Theft Wiki | Fandom
The Brawler is on the Casino Podium this week.

Double GTA$ & RP

  • Diamond Casino Adversary Modes
  • Special Vehicle Work
  • Business Battles

    While none of these are very popular and offer little fan service, the new DLC is not far away. So it’s a good time to use these bonuses to cash up for that shopping spree!

Discounted Content

  • CEO Offices 40% off
  • CEO Office Customisation (Gun Locker, Safe, Staff, Organisation Name, Office Interior & Accommodation) 30% off
  • Vehicle Warehouses 25% off

GTA 1st October Update – Free Content (this week only)

  • a Claim What’s Yours tee if you win an Event Cargo Business Battle.
  • Red Diamond Classic tee for logging in.

Vehicle Discounts

Notably, GTA is offering 40% off a bunch of Special Vehicles – the Ramp Buggy, Blazer Aqua and Phantom Wedge, plus 25% off the BF Club. Keep in mind that these Special Vehicles can also unlock new VIP Work missions (e.g. the Phantom Wedge will unlock the VIP Work mission called Plowed). So that adds some more value.

Ramp Buggy$3,192,000 / $2,400,000$1.440,000 (SecuroServ Trade Price)Warstock Cache & Carry
Phantom Wedge$2,553,600 / $1,920,000$1,152,000 (SecuroServ Trade Price)Warstock Cache & Carry
Blazer Aqua$1,755,600 / $1,320,000$792,000 (SecuroServ Trade Price)Warstock Cache & Carry
BF Club$1,280,000$960,000Southern SA Super Autos
Ocelot Swinger$909,000$454,500Legendary Motorsport
Karin 190z$900,000$450,000Legendary Motorsport
Lampadati Viseris$875,000$437,500Legendary Motorsport
Annis Savestra$990,000$495,000Legendary Motorsport
Rapid GT Classic$885,000$442,500Legendary Motorsport
Torero$998,000$499,000Legendary Motorsport
Infernus Classic$915,000$457,500Legendary Motorsport
Declasse Mamba$995,000$497,500Legendary Motorsport
Sterling GT$975,000$487,500Legendary Motorsport
Truffade Z Type$950,000$475,000Legendary Motorsport
GTA 1st October Update – Vehicle Discounts.

Time Trials

  • Great Ocean Highway, Par Time of 02:04.90
  • Power Station, Par Time of 01:45.00 (RC Bandito Time Trial)

Prime Bonuses

  • A one-time GTA$1,000,000 bonus for players who link their Amazon and Rockstar Games Social Club accounts.
  • GTA$200K bonus for playing this week.
  • 40% off the Yosemite Rancher.
  • 70% off the Declasse Drift Yosemite.
  • Free Vespucci Canals Nightclub. If you are claiming this one, be sure to read our Nightclub guide first! Timing (if you own a nightclub at the wrong time in your GTA career, you will LOSE money) and income strategy covered for you.