4th February 2021 GTA Weekly Update – Best EVER weekly bonuses

This week saw Rockstar being unusually generous in the GTA weekly update. The new bonuses equate to the best cash cow players have ever come across, and making the Cayo Perico heist even more attractive.

Podium Vehicle

GTA Weekly Update: Podium Vehicle is the Enus Paragon R.

Enus Paragon R (Armoured)

New Content (drip fed after the Cayo Perico update)

Mammoth Squaddie $1,130,000 (Warstock Cache & Carry)

The Squaddie is a light utility vehicle and was originally cut from GTA 5. Years later, we finally get it. There’s a lot of customisation options once you take this to Los Santos Customs. For example: there are 17 different door types! It also has some light bar accessories that actually work. There are some more accessories like door plates (cosmetic) similar to what you get with the Nightshark. In terms of defence, 1 RPG will blow it up. It off-roads very well and the snorkel seems to work pretty well because it can survive driving through water as long as you don’t completely submerge it. Overall, a fun vehicle to drive around off road but probably not for missions or PvP.

GTA Weekly Update: Discounts

100% off Cayo Perico Setup Cost

25% Off Kosatka (+Sonar Station, Guided Missiles, Weapon Workshop)

30% off Ocelot Stromberg (GTA$ 2,229,745 / 1,676,500)

25% off Pegassi Toreador (GTA$ 2,745,000)

30% off Overflöd Entity XXR (GTA$ 1,613,500)

40% off Weeny Issi Classic (GTA$ 216,000 / 162,000)

GTA Weekly Update: Bonuses

The big one! 1.5x GTA$ and RP on Cayo Perico Heist Main Loot and Safe Cash. In terms of earnings per hour, you cannot beat this bonus. Even the Cargo/Bunker bonuses from yesteryear (2x or 3x) pale in comparison.

3x GTA$ and RP on Issi Classic Races.

Twitch Prime Discounts

70% off the Tyrus ($765,000)

35% off Annihilator Stealth ($ 2,515,500 / 1,886,625)

(not a great week for Twitch Prime).