Casino Heist Prep: How to get a free Security Pass

GTA Online players are a little occupied with Cayo Perico content these days, but the Casino Heist still remains one of the more lucrative and fun missions to do. Players are already coming back to the chaos of Los Santos, as they get tired of hitting bushes and branches while sneaking around for hours on the island. The best heist back in LS continues to be the Casino Heist.

There’s many ways to do it and good preparation definitely goes a long way. This guide will explain how to secure a free Security Pass while on free mode, which you can then use in the Heist.

The pre-requisite for this is owning a Casino Penthouse. Most players are likely to have this by now thanks to recent weekly discounts. And in the Penthouse, you need the Bar and Party Hub. This extension allows you to throw parties in the Penthouse.

NPC guests will arrive once you throw a party.

How do you start a party in your Casino Penthouse?

Step 1: Find the phone in your Penthouse. It will show up in the mini-map.

Step 2: Use it to access Phone Services. Our friend Tom Connors will pickup.

Step 3: Choose “Members Party” from that interaction menu (costs GTA$20,000).

Once you choose that and return to your penthouse, there will be NPC guests partying in your dedicated Bar and Party Hub. You can invite other players to the party too.

Collecting the free Security Pass for your Casino Heist

The party will go on for some time. You may leave the penthouse and come back in to see it still running. Give it time (about a day in-game) till the guests eventually leave.

Now go back to the phone in your penthouse, and request the free Cleaning Service.

Once you do that, there will be a cut-scene where your character opens the penthouse door to let the maid in.

The maid busy cleaning up your mess.

The maid will leave her trolley at the entrance and and go room to room doing her job.

Walk over to her trolley as shown in the video below.

You will be given a prompt to pick up the Security Pass once in front of the trolley.

To sum up, this Heist Prep task is easy to complete and one that most players don’t even know about.