GTA Online 2021 Summer Update – new vehicles, events and “a precisely modified getaway vehicle”

Last year it was the “Los Santos Summer Special” when we were introduced to new vehicles and the Galaxy Super Yacht missions – it was generally underwhelming so there’s higher expectations on the Summer update this year. Even though it was delayed a few weeks last year, we are expecting the update to land in the coming weeks (June-July 2021).

The new 2021 summer update content will be gradually rolled out week by week. Last week we saw a new range of Stunt Races released:

In the next few weeks we will see new Deadline race tracks as well as brand new maps for Survival Mode.

2021 Summer Update: Car Culture

Rockstar has hinted at new opportunities for fans of car customisation and performance culture. An underground car meet will be introduced to the game, as well as new elements to the existing racing scene.

In true cryptic Rockstar fashion, they’ve also hinted that “demand for stolen vehicles has never been higher“. This may point to new mini-heist type missions (primary target being a vehicle). Rockstar described these new missions as “multi-part robbery missions“. New getaway vehicles will be available in these missions, so players are likely to see some new cars made available.

There will also be a location where players can have car meets – a feature fans have asked for years. This is sure to be very popular and does some fan-service to the tunerheads in the GTA Online community.

See Rockstar’s blog here to read their recent blog post about the summer update.