The Music Locker: underground nightclub coming to GTA, featuring real-world resident DJs

GTA Music Locker

As part of next week’s Cayo Perico update, GTA will introduce players to The Music Locker.

This underground nightclub is currently going through construction underneath the Diamond Casino.

While most of the attention around the new update focuses on the new island, this new nightclub will also be a brand new type of environment for players. It is unlikely to be a business you can own, and more so Rockstar’s attempt at replicating what Fortnight achieved with their Party Royale.

Players who own a penthouse will have exclusive access to VIP areas and table service. The venue is meant to appeal to players in the same way they may attend a music venue in real life.

DJs at The Music Locker

The Music Locker has managed to lock in some iconic names in DJing. Detroit-based producer Moodymann and Berlin collective Keinemusik are first in the line up. While there will seemingly be a weekly rotation, they will be its first artists in residence, each getting their own custom GTA Online avatars.

Securing high profile artists is not new for the Grand Theft Auto franchise. Producer Flying Lotus getting his own radio station in game (FlyLo FM) back in 2013.

Rockstar’s teaser for the club is in the tweet below.

Fan favourite commentators of the game like The Professional have shared their own views of the nightclub now. It does seem like it will stand on its own, separate to the Caya Perico Heist. At most, players may meet an important character for the heist while at the nightclub. This was hinted in the Rockstar newswire where they said the following:

“Be prepared to share a table with the Los Santos elite and spill drinks on some very expensive shoes. If you’re looking to take a break from Los Santos and break into something more tropical, The Music Locker should be the first stop on your next visit to the city.”