GTA Online’s MK2 Ammo Guide


MK2 Ammo and the weapons they go on are often misunderstood parts of GTA Online. MK2 Weapons and Ammo are superior and more expensive than the standard counterparts. Similarly, getting them is not easy, and require a few pre-requisites to be completed.

MK2 Ammo and guns were first introduced to as as part of the Gunrunning update, which brought us the Weapon Workshop. Since then it was further updated in the Dec 2017 Doomsday Heist Update. So, still relatively to the game and very few people have any.

First of all, how do I unlock MK2 Weapons?

  • MK2 Weapons are specially crafted upgrades to select types of guns. They can only be upgraded within the Weapons Workshop in a Mobile Operations Centre or Avenger.
  • In other words, MK2 components are not available at Ammu-Nation. Also, you can’t receive them through Ammo Drops either.
  • In the Weapons Workshop, you will be presented with a list of weapons that you can upgrade to MK2.
  • Choose a weapon you want to upgrade and select “Upgrade” (as pictured below). Any weapons discounts you have accumulated over time will still apply. The cost of these upgrades can vary from GTA$73,000 to GTA$165,000 depending on the gun.
MK2 Ammo Guide: Upgrading to a MK2 Weapon

MK2 Ammo Types

There are 6 types of MK2 Ammo at your disposal. Keep in mind that not all guns are compatible with every type of Ammo. Understanding the capabilities of each is important when you optimise your weapon loadout (full guide on that here).

  • Armour Piercing Rounds – increases damage through body armor.
  • Explosive Rounds – explodes on impact.
  • Full Metal Jacket Rounds – increased damage to vehicles and bulletproof glass.
  • Hollow Point Rounds – increases damage to unarmoured enemies.
  • Incendiary Rounds – each shot has a chance of setting the target on fire.
  • Tracer Rounds – adds a trail of light to your bullets that match the tint of your weapon.

Some ammo types perform relatively far better in specific types of MK2 guns.

For example, Incendiary Rounds have a 100% chance of setting a target on fire if you use it with the Heavy Revolver MK2. Similarly, if you apply Explosive Rounds to the Heavy Sniper MK2, you will hold the most devastating weapon in the entire game (take down a Hydra jet with just 2 shots!).