New Vehicles and Weapons Introduced with the Cayo Perico Update


There were many new vehicles and weapons introduced in the GTA Online update yesterday. Some more will be drip fed later on.

Most of the attention has predictably been on the Submarine (read our review here) and The Music Locker. In this article, we focus on the other newly introduced vehicles and weapons.

New Vehicles



  • RO-86 Alkonost – From $3,262,500 – $4,350,000 (goes off radar at high altitudes)
  • Annihilator Stealth – From $2.902,500 – $3,870,000 (Stealth features are like an Akula, except the aircraft is weaker. It gets blown up with just 1 RPG).

Land Vehicles

  • Winky – From $825,000 – $1,100,000
  • Toreador – £3,660,000 (has a powerful boost, missiles including homing and drives underwater – it can take 6 missiles before being blown up. So it’s pretty tough, like the Stromberg). The Vigilante is slightly faster than this with Boost – making the Toreador the 2nd fastest land vehicle once boost is applied (FYI – the Toreador is faster than the Scramjet).


Kurtz 31 Patrol Boat – From $2,216,250 – $2,955,000

New Weapons

Military Rifle:
Base price is a fairly high $397,500. This is very similar to the Assault Rifle. Similar lock-on range to the Special Carbine MK2, does slightly less damage and can carry less rounds (45). The upgrades for this gun like the Suppressor or Extended Clip are also unusually pricey. So all up it will cost you $0.5million to buy and upgrade. This gun doesn’t have a MK2 variant.

Pro Tip: don’t buy it if you already have access to a Special Carbine MK2/Carbine Rifle MK2 (pre-requisites: owning a Bunker, then a MOC, then sufficient Research).

New Vehicles and Weapons: The new Military Rifle

Combat Shotgun:
Unlocked during the Heist Finale. Once you find it, it’ll be available in Ammu-Nation.

Perico Pistol:
This gun is found in the main building of the compound. Players have found it on a table just before heading into the secret underground vault – but Reddit experiences have varied, with some players claiming that the spot can change.