The next GTA 6 map? Rockstar renews Vice City domain names

The past few months have given us glimpses of what’s to come in the long awaited GTA 6. Reddit has been quick to pick up that Rockstar (and Take-Two) has renewed their domain registration for & This is fuelling the rumours that the old favourite is making a comeback – as a part of the next GTA map.

GTA 6 will be based in Vice City?

Rockstar have been quite tight-lipped on the subject, focusing solely on Los Santos. They have revealed very little during the much hyped Summer update period in August.

Vice City was inspired by Miami with beaches, sun and nightclubs. With a strong following to this day, there has been steady demand for a a spin off. Vice City was based in the 1980s.

The rumoured map is rumoured to be bigger than ever before. Given Rockstar’s trajectory with new releases, this is very likely. So if Vice City is included in the next map, it will only be a part of a bigger, broader map.

Narcos Inspiration?

The popularity of the Netflix show Narcos is also leading to rumours. They claim that Rockstar wants to ride that hype to incorporate a modern day Vice City map to Grand Theft Auto 6. That would make sense if the map is bigger, where you could see players going back and forth between Vice City and a Mexico inspired map area.

Rockstar is expected to confirm more details about the game later in 2021 (no earlier thanks to GTA Online’s success and COVID-19). Most recent leaks also claim that the upcoming game will have never before seen. This includes an intelligent weather system that will actually affect NPCs. This includes “random lightning strikes” on NPCs!

No further news is expected from Rockstar this year. But we may get a few more hints in the next major update. Rockstar themselves have confirmed that it will be the “biggest update ever”.