LS Car Meet: Everything you need to know

LS Car Meet

After months of hype and teasers, the LS Car Meet has finally arrived in GTA Online with the release of the Los Santos Tuners DLC. The venue and everything that comes with the update cater to the car enthusiasts in the game – some long overdue fan service.

This same update also included the new Auto Shops (new business) – this will be covered in detail in a separate post soon.

What is the LS Car Meet all about?

It’s a car club which is also a safe social space (no weapons or weaponized vehicles). Players can:

  • Hang out and display their modified personal vehicles
  • Use the new private track to test rides (alone or with others)
  • Watch other players mod their cars
  • Test tuner cars before buying (a long awaited feature!) – including the ability to test select cars that are unreleased
  • Buy a Car Meet membership ($50,000) from Mimi. This gives you access to the new Street Races
  • Buy clothing and tattoos
  • Participate in the Prize Ride Challenge (starting with the Annis Remus available as the prize this week)
  • Participate in LS Car Meet activities to increase your Reputation Level. This will gradually unlock new clothes and mods
LS Car Meet - NPCs and Players admiring the latest cars
NPCs and Players get to mingle, test and show off rides

How do I get to it?

Once the update is installed, you will see an “LS” icon on the map as pictured below.

Just drive in (note: you can’t take weaponized vehicles in). After the cut-scene (with Mimi, Moodyman & Co) is over, you can explore the building.

Entrance to the LS Car Meet

Rewards for visiting the LS Car Meet

Players will receive routine rewards for participating in the Car Meet. For this week’s visitors will get a free LS Customs Varsity Jacket.

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LS Customs Varsity Jacket

Participating in a Sprint Challenge by 28th of July will get you a free Rockstar Yellow Pattern Tee. And if you put in some time to reach Reputation Level 20 by 17th August – that will net you a bonus $250,000.

Next Gen Consoles – what’s coming to the LS Car Meet?

Once GTA’s expanded and enhanced edition for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S is out, vehicle modifications are going to be available at a whole new level. This includes the ability to mod and achieve greater top speeds for select vehicles – with these new modifications becoming available within the Car Meet. Our Rumour Mill will cover all new developments.