GTA Weekly Update| 18th Sep 2020 | Huge 3x rewards and $250K bonus

17th Sep Update Overtime Rumble

This week brings a welcome change to all of you who may have been grinding the crate missions last week. There are 3x rewards in multiple game modes after a long time! The popular Deluxo, Tula and Starling are on sale as well (more on that below).

The Casino Podium Car this week is the Progen Itali GTB

GTA Weekly Update: The Casino Podium Car this week is the Progen Itali GTB.


  • 3x GTA$ & RP on Overtime Rumble
  • 3x GTA$ & RP on King of the Hill
  • 2x GTA$ & RP on Air Freight

We gave them all a run, and if you’re not picky about the game mode, Overtime Rumble is the clear winner in terms of earning potential (GTA$ per hour). 3x rewards have been rare over the past month, so don’t miss out!

Vehicle and Aircraft Discounts

Imponte Deluxo$4,721,500/ $3,550,000$3,305,050 / $2,485,000Warstock Cache & Carry
LF-22 Starling$3,657,500/ $2,750,000$2,194,500 / $1,650,000Warstock Cache & Carry
Mammoth Tula$5,173,700/ $3,890,000$3,104,220 / $2,334,000Warstock Cache & Carry
Rune Zhaba$2,400,000/ $1,800,000$1,680,000 / $1,260,000Warstock Cache & Carry
Ocelot Swinger$909,000$454,500Legendary Motorsport
Karin 190z$900,000$450,000Legendary Motorsport
Lampadati Viseris$875,000$437,500Legendary Motorsport
Annis Savestra$990,000$495,000Legendary Motorsport
Rapid GT Classic$885,000$442,500Legendary Motorsport
Torero$998,000$499,000Legendary Motorsport
Infernus Classic$915,000$457,500Legendary Motorsport
Declasse Mamba$995,000$497,500Legendary Motorsport
Sterling GT$975,000$487,500Legendary Motorsport
Truffade Z Type$950,000$475,000Legendary Motorsport
Bravado Gauntlet Classic Custom$615,000/ $461,250$461,250 / $345,937.5Southern San Andreas Super Autos
Albany Manana Custom$925,000$693,750Benny’s Original Motor Works
The popular Mammoth Tula is 40% off this week.

Discounted Content

  • Hangers are 30% off
  • Hangar customisations & add-ons are also 30% off

$250,000 Bonus – Solomon’s Props

Remember Solomon Richards and his 10 missing props? Well if you haven’t done collected them all yet, now there’s an added incentive to! If you collect all the props this week, you get a $250,000 bonus. Don’t stress if you’ve already completed it, because you won’t miss out. You will still get the money deposited into your Maze bank account by the end of this week.

Collecting them all takes some time. Especially the props that randomly show up on the map, which means you have to wait till they show up. To speed it up, we have a helpful step-by-step guide here, including all the known locations of the props.

Twitch Prime – 80% Off Content

Progen T20$2,200,000$440,000Legendary Motorsport
Overflod Tyrant$2,515,000$503,000Legendary Motorsport
Big discounts on offer for Twitch Prime Members