Upgrading Weapons to MK2 in GTA Online

Your arsenal of weapons your best friends in game, and upgrading weapons to MK2 variants will leave you best equipped in combat.

The following weapons are eligible for the MK2 upgrade.

List of weapons that can be upgraded to MK2

Standard GunUpgrade CostUpgraded Gun
Pistol$73,750Pistol Mk II
SNS Pistol$79,575SNS Pistol Mk II
Heavy Revolver$99,000Heavy Revolver Mk II
Pump Shotgun$82,500Pump Shotgun Mk II
SMG$85,500SMG Mk II
Assault Rifle$98,750Assault Rifle Mk II
Carbine Rifle$107,500Carbine Rifle Mk II
Bullpup Rifle$105,750Bullpup Rifle Mk II
Special Carbine$135,000Special Carbine Mk II
Combat MG$119,000Combat MG Mk II
Marksman Rifle$149,000Marksman Rifle Mk II
Heavy Sniper$165,375Heavy Sniper Mk II
List of weapons that can be upgraded to MK2

The MK2 upgrade cost can vary from GTA$73,000 to GTA$165,000 depending on the gun.

Where can I upgrade my weapons?

Any Weapons Workshop can upgrade your weapons to MK2. Any of these Workshops will do the job:

  • Terrorbyte’s Weapon Workshop (pre-requisite purchases: Nightclub and Terrorbyte)
  • MOC’s Weapon Workshop (pre-requisite purchases: Bunker and Mobile Operations Centre)
  • Avenger’s Weapon Workshop ((pre-requisite purchases: Facility and an Avenger)

The snag with each of these is that the paywall is quite an order. Each of these require you to buy a property to be eligible to buy the specialised vehicle (which in turn, has an upgrade to add the Weapon Workshop). Each option is very expensive, easily racking up $8m-$10m in costs before you are able to access the Weapon Workshop. Tip: You are going to need the Bunker for Research anyway, assuming you eventually want to unlock custom MK2 ammo. So if you are tight on cash, get the Bunker and MOC first.

Gun liveries and resprays but black attachments, this bother anyone else?:  gtaonline
Upgrading Weapons to MK2: These weapons are highly customisable.

Once you access the Weapons Workshop, all you have to do is select a weapon and pay for the upgrade.

If you want to optimise your weapon loadout with ammo to suit your playing style with each gun, see this detailed guide.