Dr. Dre Music Stick Locations – Complete guide to finding them all

Dr. Dre's Music Stick Guide

The latest ‘The Contract’ DLC came with a familiar new Dr. Dre side quest – to find 3 of his lost music sticks. Finding this will unlock the Marathon Hoodie for you. Read on to see each of the music stick locations.

Franklin’s House

The first one is at Franklin’s house. You will be familiar with this location from the Story Mode.

Music stick locations: the one at Franklin’s house

The music stick will be on a table outside as pictured here:

Record A Studios

The second one in this list is at Record A Studios.

Music stick locations: the one at Record A Studios

It’s on the roof. If you’ve already done the DLC missions to unlock the Studio, you can just walk in and exit to the roof. Otherwise, you are better off flying a chopper to the top.

You’ll find a bar table at the rooftop, the music stick will be on it.

Music Stick Locations: The Last One – on your desk

The last music stick won’t appear until you have completed the Dr. Dre storyline. Once you have done that, Franklin will call you and mention Dr. Dre left something on your desk (in your Agency office).

The music still will be there on the desk for you to pick up.


Once you’ve collected all three, you will get notifications letting you know you unlocked the Marathon Hoodie, as well as new Dr.Dre Media (in-game music).

If you want to know more about the latest DLC, we will be releasing guides on the important bits, like this one about the new Heavy Rifle. Some of the new content is not worth exploring (*cough* EMP launcher..). If you would like any particular area of the DLC featured as a guide, please write to us through the contact form on this website.